Archipod in the United States

Archipod are pleased to announce a new distributor for the United States.

We would like to congratulate Judy Bernier on the completion of the demo pod last year. Podzook are based in Waldoboro, Maine – an area which is famed for the beauty of its forest and coastline, its history of craft in boatbuilding, and of course, Lobsters. We hope one day that it will also be famed for the manufacture of pods!

Judy’s company ‘Podzook’ was created to act as a distributor for the US market, and she has been getting some very good PR with a couple of TV appearances and more to follow. There’s been no shortage of web based PR too, such as this article on Eco-Building Pulse



Chris Sneesby of Archipod and Judy Bernier of Podzook complete to assembly of the demo pod in Waldoboro, Maine


There will be more photos of the inside of the pod to follow shortly.




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