Archipod to appear on Channel 4′s Gadget Man

Archipod to appear on Channel 4′s ‘Gadget Man’

Back in May of this year, we were asked by Channel 4 to Take a pod to Winchester for filming for the new series of ‘Gadget Man’ – We therefore loaded our latest demo pod onto a lorry and took it 250 miles South for the shoot. The pod was unloaded, set up, filmed and loaded back onto the lorry in one day, and another 250 miles later it was safely back home in it’s corner of the garden.

The episode that it appears will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 8.30pm on Monday 13th October, so set your timers if you want to catch it!

A couple of photos attached of this particular pod, which incorporates some special features. These include retro ‘valve’ type light fittings, polished stainless steel fittings, a full semicircular gloss white desk and shelf units.

The floor is made from recycled timber that we have collected over the years, including Oak from a York Pub seat, Walnut from York Minster Stoneyard, Pine from a Bridlington sea front bench, Cherry and Spalted Birch from locally felled garden trees, and some Mahogany that was once the window frames from the Northern Electric shop in York each piece has a little story to tell!

The unusual cladding is our trial run for the geometry for a forthcoming alternative cladding in metal – we hope to re-clad this pod in recycled copper next year.


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