Archipod delivery to the Netherlands

Judith Zielstra's Pod

September 2014 was a busy month for us – fresh from delivering a pod to the United States (more to come on that project shortly) three days later we were straight onto a ferry from Hull to Rotterdam to deliver our first pod to the Netherlands.

Judith Zielstra runs a lifestyle coaching business from her home in Laren, near Amsterdam. She was looking to try to separate her ‘business’ premises from her ‘home’ life, and when her husband Rick saw Archipod featured in a Dutch magazine, he handed her the article and said ‘This is your new office!’

They arranged to visit us in York one weekend, she was delighted by the space and light in our new demonstrator pod. We talked through the layout and options that she needed, and agreed a price and a delivery date in September that would fit in with them returning from their cycling expedition in the mountains of Northern India.

The pod was delivered, installed, shingled and plastered in one week in a prepared corner of the garden, and they will be completing the decoration and lighting themselves, which helped to bring the cost in line with their budget.

Their current plans are to install a timber floor, seating and a concrete desk! We look forward to seeing the final result, and will hopefully be posting the pictures of the completed pod on the website before Christmas.

Many thanks to Judith and Rick for their custom and their hospitality, and best wishes with the coaching business – we’re sure the pod will bring in lots of new customers!


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