Archipod on ‘Love Your Garden’

Anybody watching Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love Your Garden’ (Tuesday 9th July, 8.00pm on ITV) may have been intrigued by the ‘Eco-spaceship’ that was featured in the show.

The was one of our 4m pods, which was especially adapted with an ‘extension’ to accomodate the customers need for a little bit more space, and a flat wall at the back to fit a deep desk and expensive computer server cabinet. The extended section is actually part of the Archipod system we have developed which allows us to link multiple pods together in many different ways, potentially for use of pods as hotel and leisure accomodation.

Many thanks to Love Your Garden’s David Domoney for his time, and for demonstrating our unique ‘gull wing’ door and Tardis like interior, and to the owner Jeff Jones for allowing us to film in his pod.




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