Studio Pod for Ranking Roger

Completed last year, we’ve at last found the time to sit down and update the blog with the Studio Pod that we have built for Ranking Roger – Lead Singer and original band member of The Beat. Seems to have taken ages to arrange photography, wait for a sunny day, and get photos sorted out, but here it is.

Roger came to see us in York last year to view a demo pod, and wanted to place an order before he had even been in it! We agreed a layout and specification for the pod, and the following month we delivered and assembled his new studio in his back garden. The studio is complete with two desks and storage shelves to take sound equipment, curved seating around the walls, and windows located to suit views of the house and garden.

We would like to thank Roger for his custom and relentless enthusiasm all the way through the project (I think he even has a 3D recording of some of the build) and hope the pod provides the environment and inspiration for his music recording in the future. A thanks also to The Beat drummer Everett for helping dig out the tree root in Rogers garden, which will be the basis for an unusual piece of furniture/sculpture later this year.

Ranking Roger at work in his new studio

Ranking Roger outside his 'Pod'

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