Archipod Demonstrator Pictures

Things have been very busy here at Archipod recently, but be have finally found some time to put the promised pictures of the Archipod Demonstrator onto the blog.

This pod was only the third to be built, and has travelled the UK extensively having made appearances at Grand Designs Live, The National Homebuilding and Renovating Show, The Homes and Interiors Scotland Exhibition and Prince Charles’s ┬áSTART ‘Garden Party to Make a Difference’ Exhibition in London.

This pod was refurbished last year, complete with metallic purple desk, porcelain floor tiles and underfloor heating. It is now sitting very comfortably in a garden in Yorkshire, after being craned over the owners fence from the yard of a very obliging farmer! It is still available for viewing for anyone that would like to see a complete pod near York.

Ex-Demonstrator, now being used as a garden office



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