Welcome to ‘ArchiBlog’ – the Archipod Blogsite

Welcome to ‘ArchiBlog’.

We are pleased to be launching the official blog for the Archipod website. The blog will be used to provide updates on what we are doing at Archipod, along with announcements of new designs, case studies, overseas developments and other items of general interest.

As the first blog at ‘ArchiBlog’, we would like to give a well deserved thank you to Bruce Kennedy for the fantastic new website design, and to Johnny Walker for his dedication and attention to detail on the site build. Well done chaps – couldn’t have done it without you.

We hope this blog provides you with a deeper insight into our work and who we are, and we’re very excited to be out here talking to you!

Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Enjoy!

The Archipod Team


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2 Responses to Welcome to ‘ArchiBlog’ – the Archipod Blogsite

  1. Captain George S. Harris USN (Retired) says:

    Has any thought been given to using these as small “cabins” for summer use? In that connection, would it be possible to link two or more of these together?

    Thank you very much,

    George S. Harris

    • The Podfather says:

      Hi George

      Thank you for your comments, and yes, we have considered using them as cabins. We have recently developed a system to link any number of pods together, and we are also working on a new type of design specifically for use as sleeping cabins. We hope to launch this around March 2012, so check in to the website occasionally for an update.

      Kind regards


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