Archipod in the United States

Archipod are pleased to announce a new distributor for the United States.

We would like to congratulate Judy Bernier on the completion of the demo pod last year. Podzook are based in Waldoboro, Maine – an area which is famed for the beauty of its forest and coastline, its history of craft in boatbuilding, and of course, Lobsters. We hope one day that it will also be famed for the manufacture of pods!

Judy’s company ‘Podzook’ was created to act as a distributor for the US market, and she has been getting some very good PR with a couple of TV appearances and more to follow. There’s been no shortage of web based PR too, such as this article on Eco-Building Pulse



Chris Sneesby of Archipod and Judy Bernier of Podzook complete to assembly of the demo pod in Waldoboro, Maine


There will be more photos of the inside of the pod to follow shortly.




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Archipod to appear on Channel 4′s Gadget Man

Archipod to appear on Channel 4′s ‘Gadget Man’

Back in May of this year, we were asked by Channel 4 to Take a pod to Winchester for filming for the new series of ‘Gadget Man’ – We therefore loaded our latest demo pod onto a lorry and took it 250 miles South for the shoot. The pod was unloaded, set up, filmed and loaded back onto the lorry in one day, and another 250 miles later it was safely back home in it’s corner of the garden.

The episode that it appears will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 8.30pm on Monday 13th October, so set your timers if you want to catch it!

A couple of photos attached of this particular pod, which incorporates some special features. These include retro ‘valve’ type light fittings, polished stainless steel fittings, a full semicircular gloss white desk and shelf units.

The floor is made from recycled timber that we have collected over the years, including Oak from a York Pub seat, Walnut from York Minster Stoneyard, Pine from a Bridlington sea front bench, Cherry and Spalted Birch from locally felled garden trees, and some Mahogany that was once the window frames from the Northern Electric shop in York each piece has a little story to tell!

The unusual cladding is our trial run for the geometry for a forthcoming alternative cladding in metal – we hope to re-clad this pod in recycled copper next year.


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Archipod delivery to the Netherlands

Judith Zielstra's Pod

September 2014 was a busy month for us – fresh from delivering a pod to the United States (more to come on that project shortly) three days later we were straight onto a ferry from Hull to Rotterdam to deliver our first pod to the Netherlands.

Judith Zielstra runs a lifestyle coaching business from her home in Laren, near Amsterdam. She was looking to try to separate her ‘business’ premises from her ‘home’ life, and when her husband Rick saw Archipod featured in a Dutch magazine, he handed her the article and said ‘This is your new office!’

They arranged to visit us in York one weekend, she was delighted by the space and light in our new demonstrator pod. We talked through the layout and options that she needed, and agreed a price and a delivery date in September that would fit in with them returning from their cycling expedition in the mountains of Northern India.

The pod was delivered, installed, shingled and plastered in one week in a prepared corner of the garden, and they will be completing the decoration and lighting themselves, which helped to bring the cost in line with their budget.

Their current plans are to install a timber floor, seating and a concrete desk! We look forward to seeing the final result, and will hopefully be posting the pictures of the completed pod on the website before Christmas.

Many thanks to Judith and Rick for their custom and their hospitality, and best wishes with the coaching business – we’re sure the pod will bring in lots of new customers!


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Archipod on ‘Love Your Garden’

Anybody watching Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love Your Garden’ (Tuesday 9th July, 8.00pm on ITV) may have been intrigued by the ‘Eco-spaceship’ that was featured in the show.

The was one of our 4m pods, which was especially adapted with an ‘extension’ to accomodate the customers need for a little bit more space, and a flat wall at the back to fit a deep desk and expensive computer server cabinet. The extended section is actually part of the Archipod system we have developed which allows us to link multiple pods together in many different ways, potentially for use of pods as hotel and leisure accomodation.

Many thanks to Love Your Garden’s David Domoney for his time, and for demonstrating our unique ‘gull wing’ door and Tardis like interior, and to the owner Jeff Jones for allowing us to film in his pod.




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Gallery Update

After a very busy year in which we built quite a few pods but have put no new posts onto the blog, here’s the second blog of the day.

We have been updating the Gallery Page with some of the fruits of our labour from the last year, including the Studio Pod for Ranking Roger, a special oval shaped pod with bright orange desk for a customer in Beverley, and a 4m pod used as a home office and family ‘chill out’ room in Ayr:

Some of these projects will also be featured in some case studies which will appear on the website in the next few months.



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Studio Pod for Ranking Roger

Completed last year, we’ve at last found the time to sit down and update the blog with the Studio Pod that we have built for Ranking Roger – Lead Singer and original band member of The Beat. Seems to have taken ages to arrange photography, wait for a sunny day, and get photos sorted out, but here it is.

Roger came to see us in York last year to view a demo pod, and wanted to place an order before he had even been in it! We agreed a layout and specification for the pod, and the following month we delivered and assembled his new studio in his back garden. The studio is complete with two desks and storage shelves to take sound equipment, curved seating around the walls, and windows located to suit views of the house and garden.

We would like to thank Roger for his custom and relentless enthusiasm all the way through the project (I think he even has a 3D recording of some of the build) and hope the pod provides the environment and inspiration for his music recording in the future. A thanks also to The Beat drummer Everett for helping dig out the tree root in Rogers garden, which will be the basis for an unusual piece of furniture/sculpture later this year.

Ranking Roger at work in his new studio

Ranking Roger outside his 'Pod'

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Pod with a Difference!

Having built several pods with white walls and minimal interiors, here’s a very different example of what we can do at Archipod:

This is a 3m pod for use as an office, complete with purple walls, woodburning stove, stainless steel bowl sink, dark oak floor and aluminium ‘Spitfire’ Wing desk with hinged storage seat.

The ‘Spitfire’ desk was inspired by some wonderful old aircraft at our local Yorkshire Air Museum, which is just around the corner from our workshop. It is constructed on a timber frame, covered in sections of aluminium that have been cut, bent, hammered, drilled and generally sworn at until we got the right shape, and held together with about a thousand rivets! It includes a storage section that hinges out to form a seat,  file storage below the desk, and cable management threaded through the support frame just like on the original aircraft.

Many thanks to Paul Walker of Paul Walker Images for the superb photos – Paul is now also an Archipod customer, and photos of his pod will be appearing shortly.

View from door showing storage seat and window

View of Desk and Woodburning Stove

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Archipod Demonstrator Pictures

Things have been very busy here at Archipod recently, but be have finally found some time to put the promised pictures of the Archipod Demonstrator onto the blog.

This pod was only the third to be built, and has travelled the UK extensively having made appearances at Grand Designs Live, The National Homebuilding and Renovating Show, The Homes and Interiors Scotland Exhibition and Prince Charles’s  START ‘Garden Party to Make a Difference’ Exhibition in London.

This pod was refurbished last year, complete with metallic purple desk, porcelain floor tiles and underfloor heating. It is now sitting very comfortably in a garden in Yorkshire, after being craned over the owners fence from the yard of a very obliging farmer! It is still available for viewing for anyone that would like to see a complete pod near York.

Ex-Demonstrator, now being used as a garden office



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Archipod Demonstrator Sold

Following the completion of a refit of last years demonstrator pod, we can advise that this has now been sold, complete with custom made shiny desk in purple metalflake finish! Photos of this one will be appearing in the gallery page in the next few weeks.

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Archipod Demonstrator for Sale

We are selling our fully fitted ‘Archipod’ 3m garden office demonstrator, as seen at Grand Designs Live, Homebuilding and Renovating Show, HRH START ‘Garden Party to Make a Difference’ and Home and Interiors Scotland Exhibition.

We are offering our demo pod at a big discount off the list price.

The list price of this building is £15,868, and is now offered for sale at £12,000 for this building, which is a saving of £3,868. Please note we are a VAT registered company, and all prices will need to have VAT added.

Pod comes complete with desk, electrics, lighting (including 8 downlights and blue LED striplight), and heating, and is able to be delivered by crane or forklift. Delivery is based on collection, or we can arrange delivery dependent on location, but please contact us for a quotation. This pod is 3.2m diameter overall and can be delivered by crane or forklift.

The building is currently being refurbished in our workshop in North Yorkshire to bring it up to ‘as new’ standard. The desk is included, but if you have preference for a different desk, we can still customise the interior to suit your requirements.

Offloading Pod at HRH 'START' Garden Party to Make a Difference, London

Pod on the 'Beyond Four Walls' stand, Glasgow SECC.

Demonstrator Interior

External View

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing, please do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry form on the contact/enquiry page of the website.


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